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We are so grateful to all of our clients who have trusted us to care for their much-loved companions over the past year and a half.  Some of them have offered to write about their experiences and have allowed us to share them here.

If you are a current or past client of The Housepet Housevet and would like to post a review, we thank you!  Just send an e-mail to drcarrie@BRhousevet.com, or leave a review on an online directory (see sidebar)

"Originally, we needed to use the services of a vet that came to our home because of our old dog not being able to handle trips to the vet. But now that we've been receiving such excellent care from Dr. Carrie, the House Vet, (for all three of our dogs) we wouldn't have it any other way. She gets to observe how they really act in their home environment and they are far less stressed not having to deal with a car ride and being in a strange place while they get their check-ups."

~Margie Maybe

"I first heard about Dr. Schultz from an article in a local magazine. We had been told  that our  Boston terrier Josie would not live much longer due to cancer. I had  to put down several pets  in the past and those situations had been extremely stressful. 

   Josie was such a special little girl that we did not want her to be in a sterile office on a metal  examination table with strangers walking in and out at this time of her life. I  had spoken with Dr. Schultz several times over the past weeks and she had assured me that she would come to our house when it became necessary.  I called her on a Friday and she came at 6 in the evening, giving us plenty of time to be with Josie. 

Dr. Schultz made a paw print of Josie in plaster for us to keep.  When the time to tell Josie  goodbye came, she was on a bed with my husband and I and her sister Sadie surrounding her. 

    The entire procedure was very calm and quiet. We could let our feelings go without embarrassment that others were watching us. Josie was so calm that she appeared to be sleeping. Dr. Schultz showed much compassion and it felt as if she were part of the family. 

    Though no one ever wants to have to go through a euthanasia, I would definitely recommend that it be done at home with dignity. Dr. Schultz offers this service."


Susan Hodges (with Sadie and Josie (r.i.p.))

Baton Rouge,La

"Dr. Carrie is absolutely wonderful! My elderly cat, JD, whom I loved so dearly, become ill in October last year. Dr. Carrie and her vet tech, Trish, took such good care of him. They were kind, gentle, compasionate, knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Carrie came to my home numerous times to draw blood, deliver meds, and assess JD. In January, when it was the right time, Dr. Carrie came to my home late in the evening and helped JD pass on. For such an awful emotional experience, Dr. Carrie made it calm and peaceful. I recommend her to everyone I know who has pets, especially elderly ones who get so stressed when travelling to the Vet's office. I believe that can contribute to their illness. That is why I am so glad Dr. Carrie is available. She returns your phone call promptly and has reasonable rates."

Leigh Ann Cox (with JD (RIP) and Lucy) 
Baton Rouge, LA

"As a multiple pet household, (three dachshunds and two cats), Dr. Schultz has been a real God-Send. She is professional, conscientious, and a true animal lover. Our dogs took to her right away. With two working people in our house, getting to an office visit becomes a challenge. Having veterinary service in our home, by someone we trust, just made sense to us. We would recommend The Housepet Housevet to ANY loving pet owner."

Tim Bergstresser (with Jiggy Fly, Daisy, Jackson, Lucy and Oscar)

Baton Rouge, LA

"My 5 yr. old cat, Li'l Boy, developed a problem with his back legs & needed to see a vet. To say he doesn't "travel well" is an understatement so I called Dr. Carrie Schultz of The Housepet Housevet. She & her husband drove the 20 miles to my house the day after Thanksgiving even though her parents from out-of-town were visting them for the holiday!

Dr. Schultz & her husband spent the most harrowing time imaginable subduing my "wild" cat. He surprised . . . and mortified . . . even me with his antics but Dr. Schultz never ONCE lost patience with him. After sedating & examining him, she reassured me he'd just suffered a sprain that would heal with medication and a little time. She even had the medication in her van! Li'l Boy was soon back to his old self & I DO NOT know what I (or he) would've done without Dr. Schultz! She's simply wonderful!! Based on this experience, I can unreservedly, enthusiastically recommend her!!"

Matolyn Rushing (with Li'l Boy)

Baton Rouge, LA

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