About Dr. Carrie

Learn a little about Dr. Carrie - her family, her hobbies, her interests, and her history.  Who knows, you may be surprised! :)

Dr. Carrie Schultz is a 2003 graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  She still bleeds Maroon, however, having graduated with a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University.  She is a member of the Baton Rouge Area Veterinary Medical Association, the Louisiana VMA, and the American VMA.  She is a member of the American Association of House Call Veterinarians, the Association of Veterinary Family Practice, and VIN, the Veterinary Information Network, an online community of general practice, specialty and research veterinarians who collaborate on cases from around the world. She has special interests in skin and ear disease, behavior, pain management, education, geriatric medicine and end-of-life issues. After practicing in Baton Rouge and Harahan, she and her husband Mike moved overseas in 2005, where they lived in a village in rural Belgium for 3 years. During this time, Dr. Carrie operated a wellness clinic for the pets of servicemen and women and their families at a nearby US Army base. She and her husband traveled extensively, visiting England, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. (So in addition to great advice for your pet’s health care, ask her if you need a good B&B in Amsterdam!) 

Dr. Carrie returned to Baton Rouge in 2008 with a dream of starting a house call practice with a strong focus on client education and honoring the bond between people and their pets. When she is not helping people who love their pets, she enjoys making beaded jewelry, reading, and playing board games and video games with her friends and family. She is a massive Muppets fan and loves karaoke. She lives in south Baton Rouge with her husband Mike, a process engineer at Rubicon in Geismar, their dog Beavis and their cats, Syrup and Scout, and new ragamuffin addition Tabu.   Two older ladies, Blackie and Paws, are currently also keeping Beavis young.

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