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              ATTENTION - A Note from Dr. Schultz - AS OF 5/3/2018

After some recent changes in my life, a great deal of consideration, consultation, and soul searching, I have made the decision to close the HousePet HouseVet of Baton Rouge in order to move and be closer to my family; as many of you know, we lost my mother suddenly in 2012 and my father lives alone. That has had an effect on my priorities.  

Baton Rouge has been home to me since 1999 minus 3 short years in Belgium, and the HousePet HouseVet family began 10 years later.  4 office moves and a lot of staff changes later and here we are.   

Every single one of you and each one of your pets has taught me a great deal about Love, the power of the human Animal bond, the value of providing in home end of life services, palliative care services to geriatric pets, and wellness and preventative care for pets that are very loved but are very challenging.  
 I know I have fallen short of my goals of the level of client attention more than once, and I sincerely apologize.

Thank you to all my clients for being a player in this part of my life story and hopefully the story of Veterinary services in Baton Rouge. As the first full time house call veterinarian in the area, I’ve seen at least 5 others come into the scene and some go; I feel that bringing awareness and availability of home care to the area is an accomplishment I will forever be proud of. 

For current clients:  I hope to follow up with a more detailed letter as soon as possible, but in case I’m not successful or you don’t receive it:

  1. A digital copy of your pet's records will be sent to any active clients whose pets have been seen in the last 3 years. 
  2. This is not an automated process: records will be extracted and sent individually and the process may take a little while. If you need the records before you receive them please just send an email to .   If you do not have an e-mail address on file with us your records will be sent to you via USPS “snail mail.”  All records will also indicate the date of last vaccinations as well as recommended dates for re-vaccination.
  3. Records are available on request for any patients seen prior to 2015 via the above email address, or you can call 225-362-4926 and leave a message
  4. If there are items you have been waiting to receive (products, lab test results or photographs missing from your pet’s record, please contact or 225-362-4926 and anything you request will be sent as soon as possible.

If you are in need of home veterinary services, to my knowledge the current available options in Baton Rouge for home care are:

Dr. Billeaudeau’s home care is limited to comfort-based palliative care and home euthanasia services.

Thank you Baton Rouge for an amazing and transformative time and the opportunity to help so many pets and their people

 ----Carrie Schultz, DVM, CHPV



Does your cat HATE being put in her carrier?

Is your dog having a hard time getting in the car?

Do you know a pet owner who can no longer drive?

Happy House Calls!

Do you have a difficult time juggling your schedule to fit in a visit to the vet?

Is your precious companion nearing the end of its life?

Whatever the reason, if getting your pet the veterinary care it needs is a stressful event for you OR your pet, we have an alternative: compassionate, convenient, personal care right in your home. Your pet can curl up in his or her favorite spot in the house and relax – we can do examinations outside, on the sofa, on the floor, or wherever your pet feels most comfortable.  Dr. Carrie Schultz and The Housepet Housevet team are here to put your minds at ease


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Welcome Home!

Dr. Carrie and her dog Sarge

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