Making Veterinary House Calls in the Greater Baton Rouge Area!  

There's no place like home!

Who wouldn't want to stay home on their comfy couch?!

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Happy House Calls!

There's always a reason to celebrate!!

Does your cat HATE being put in her carrier?

Is your dog having a hard time getting in the car?

Is your pet scared and anxious at the veterinarian's office?

Do you know a pet owner who can no longer drive?

Do you have a difficult time juggling your schedule to fit in a visit to the vet?

Is your precious companion nearing the end of its life?

Whatever the reason, if getting your pet the veterinary care it needs is a stressful event for you OR your pet, we have an alternative: 



                        personal care  right in your home

Your pet can curl up in his or her favorite spot in the house and relax – we can do examinations outside, on the sofa, on the floor, or wherever your pet feels most comfortable.  Dr. Carrie Schultz and The Housepet Housevet team are here to put your minds at ease


NEW!!  HOME DELIVERY PHARMACY service through VetSource.  We can send you your pets medications, supplements, flea and heartworm preventative and more straight to your door!  Ever wish you could just buy one month of flea and heartworm meds at a time for your critters?  Here's your chance!  Check out the "Remind Me" option.

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Welcome Home!

Dr. Carrie and her dog Sarge

Dr. Carrie and her angel Sarge (2000-2011)

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